Happy Days Gifts and Collectibles in the Heart of The Black Hills, South Dakota

We are the link to your past joys, past loves, places you've lived, hopes, dreams, laughter, history, and nostalgia.
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Located in the Black Hills National Forest, Deadwood is a place where you can play all day and all night. Enjoy the outdoor adventures, hikes, mountain bike rides, and ATV trails of the Black Hills; then visit the Historic District and shop to your heart's content.
Deadwood Store Rapid City Store
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Historic Deadwood, South Dakota

Come see us at our Historic Deadwood location. Walk in the footsteps of Old West legends like Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, and Seth Bullock. Our shop is right in the middle of Main Street in this 1870s Gold Rush town. We’re located only fifty scenic miles from Mount Rushmore.  639 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

You’ll adore our collectibles: additionally, beer and ice cream are available at this location.

Happy Days Deadwood Store

Happy Days Store Front Rapid City

Rushmore Mall, Rapid City, South Dakota

You’ll love shopping at our store in the lovely and accessible Rushmore Mall. We’re conveniently located close to I-90, and forty minutes from Mount Rushmore.

2200 N Maple Ave, Rapid City, South Dakota

You’ll adore our collectibles, Gifts, and Local Memorabilia

Happy Days Rapid City Rushmore Mall

Happy Days Gifts and Collectibles in the Heart of The Black Hills, South Dakota 

We’re “Happy Days” Gifts and Collectibles. We’d like to introduce you to our shop, which carries classic memorabilia from the ‘50s to today. We’re not just another gift shop. We have Local, Cowboy and Old West Apparel and Gifts as well. We are the link to your past joys, past loves, places you’ve lived, hopes, dreams, laughter, history, and nostalgia. The touchstones that make us feel connected to life, to friends, to experiences and memories can all be found in our treasure trove. Begin or continue your collections with us. Visit our Deadwood Main street Store or Our Rushmore Mall Rapid City Store.

Beginning a collection creates a life-long connection to an idea, a song, a character, a real or imagined place.

 If you want to ‘rock around the clock,” pull out your poodle skirt and saddle shoes. Want to go to space? Pack your lunch in a “Star Trek” lunchbox. If you’d rather roam the Wild West, cast your eyes on your Roy Rogers holster set. Remember the place where “everybody knows your name?” We have “Cheers” collectibles to warm the cockles of your heart.

The Joys and Comfort of Collecting Things

Many people love to collect things. Anything. Everything. This collection obsession is a good thing; it can keep you more positive and make you healthier mentally. It’s a fun thing to do! Plus, being a collector means that your friends know exactly what to give you as a gift – they can just purchase something that will add to your collection. It also helps with gift-giving anxieties; it’s fun to add to your friends’ collections as well.

What exactly are the reasons why collecting something – anything – is such a good thing?

According to Constantine Sedikide, a pioneer in social-psychology, studies show that interest in nostalgia items counteracts boredom, anxiety, and loneliness. Collecting makes people more tolerant of outsiders and generous to strangers. Partners look happier and feel closer when they remember and share nostalgic memories. Nostalgia actually makes people feel warmer in cold rooms and on cold days.

So, collecting is healthy, convenient, and useful!

Begin or Continue the Joy of Collecting With Us

Our mission is to delight you with the comforts found in collecting nostalgia and whimsy. No matter what you love and adore, you’re sure to find it in our stores or on our e-commerce site, https://fiftiesfun.com/.

We offer memorabilia and collectibles, including such items as: figurines, posters, lunch boxes, bobble-heads, magnets, key chains, character glasses and coffee cups, purses, totes, and handbags, license plates, salt and pepper shakers, neons, and LEDs, and much more!

Collecting nostalgia guides your creativity and awakens a whole new side to you. Let us inspire you, pique your interests, and lead you to the wonderful life of being a collector. You see, we’re more than just a storefront; we’re YOUR “Happy Days.”